Putting Up with Common Leaks could be the Worst thing for Your Home

A lot of homeowners dread the idea of calling a plumber to fix a leak. Yet, by not facing up to the necessity of keeping your plumbing leak-free, you may be causing more expensive damage to incur.

Water damage can cause rot, mildew and electrical damage among other problems. By ignoring a leaking pipe you may be causing a ticking time bomb of expensive repairs.

Bite the Bullet – Have Your Leaks Repaired as Soon as they Happen

As many leaks occur behind walls or underneath cabinets, they are sort of “an out of sight, out of mind” problem to many homeowners. But even the smallest leaks can cause extensive damage to your home.

Just because you cannot see or hear a leak, doesn’t mean that it isn’t having an effect on the structural integrity of your home. Expensive flooring, insulation and wiring may have to be replaced if easy-to-fix leaks are not repaired promptly.

Preserve the Value of Your Home – Keep Your Plumbing in Good Repair

Often times the negligent homeowner finds out the true cost of ignoring a leak only when they try to sell the house. Water damage incurred over a period of time can cause a serious reduction in the value of your home.

Be smart. A professional plumber can save you money and notify you of any other problems you need to attend to before they reduce your home’s value any further.