Ensure Your Drain is Running Smoothly by Having a Drain Survey Done

A clogged or damaged drain (especially a swerer drain) can lead to further damage (like leaks) if it is not fixed in time. Water damage from a clogged or leaky drain can cause structural damage to your home’s foundation as well as damage to your garden and property, not to mention the unpleasant smell and potential health hazard.

Making sure that your drains are operating properly and will continue to do so is the responsibility of every homeowner.

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Have a CCTV Drain Survey Done by Professionals

A CCTV drain survey uses a small, camera on a wheeled, remote controlled vehicle to provide a visual inspection on the entire, interior length of your drainage system.

When used by professional plumbers, they can quickly assess any problems your drain is having presently, but more importantly, they can also spot any problems areas that could affect the drain in the future.

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Spot Potential Drain Problems Before they become Major Headaches

A professional drain specialist will complete a full report on the condition of your drainage system on the completion of the drain survey. This report will pinpoint any problems that you should deal with immediately to ensure that they don’t cause future water damage and escalating expenses.

They will recommend a course of action. Often, you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars by following the recommended course of action.

Preventing damage is usually much less much expensive than the cost of dealing with water damage after the fact.

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