Jet Blasting – The Quick and Easy Hi-Tech Method of Cleaning Drains

If you call in drainage specialists to clear a sluggish or blocked drain these days, chances are they will show up with some pretty sophisticated tools that together will make short work of any clogged or sluggish drain you have.

A jet blasting tool is the newest addition to the drainage specialist’s arsenal. This is a tool that uses both water and air to create a high pressure force that effectively unclogs and cleans the walls of drains.

Jet Blasting is Part of a Two-step Process

Before jet blasting can take place, technicians must first locate the source of the clog by conducting a drain survey.

In this exercise, a camera which is mounted on a remote-controlled small vehicle is inserted onto the drain to pinpoint and verify the source and composition of the clog.

Jet Blasting is Highly Effective at Clearing All Types of Obstructions

The heart of jet blasting is the head of the tool. This head directs water and compressed air at up to 5,000psi both in front of the head and behind it.

The front-facing jet dislodges the clogged material from the drain and the rear-facing jets push it out behind the head of the tool where it is easily flushed completely out of the drain.

Jet blasting is an extremely quick and effective method of cleaning out mud, vegetation, clay, grease and other blockages from any large diameter drain. Here at D.W Grout plumbing our specialists can provide with an effective solution to unblock your drains.