Water Tank Installations Should be dealt with by Professionals

Water tanks are a great convenience, especially in arid areas of the country where water is a scarce commodity.

But whether you are considering having a water tank installed to provide a back-up to your drinking water supply or to be able to harvest rainwater, you should consider having your water tank installed by our professional plumbers here at D.W. Grout.

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You Only Have One Chance to Install a Water Tank Correctly

Modern water tanks are made of man-made plastics and polymers that are deceptively light and easy to move around. But once a water tank is filled it can weigh thousands of kilograms.

This is why you have only one chance to prepare the base and install the tank correctly. Once it is full, any error you have made situating the tank properly or connecting to a water source can spell disaster.

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A Water Tank Specialist Knows All the Specifications to Follow

Every professional water tank installer knows the specifications to be followed to ensure the water tank is installed properly. They know the dimensions the base is required to be in proportion to the size of the tank. They also know which materials are suitable to use in preparing the base and, just as importantly, which materials are unsuitable.

They also will be able to hook up the water tank to the water source and provide over-flow outlets, spigots and make allowances in case the tank is likely to be connected to an extra tank in the future.

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