Specialist Services

At D.W.Grout plumbing we provide professional services for any job to save you time and money. Our specialist services include flexible camera system, Electric eel for heavy blockages, high pressure Water Jetter and we are service agents for Supakwik boilers and chillers. Read more below on our special services and feel free to call our friendly admin staff for any questions or quotes.Read MoreCall Now


Gator Locator and CCTV Camera

A flexible sewer camera system to view, video record and pinpoint underground obstacles, damaged underground sewage service pipes, stormwater drains, in fact most places where the eye cannot see. This very efficient machine saves time, money and removes any risk of damaging pipes/drains.Read MoreCall Now


Electric Eel

The electric Eel is great tool to use for heavy blockages that cannot be cleared with the Water Jetter. The electric Eel removes much larger tree roots which are not removable whilst using the Water Jetter, we do not use the electric Eel in circumstances where there is risk of damaging pipework and drainage.Read MoreCall Now


Supakwik Above/Below Sink Boilers & Chillers

D.W.Grout are a service agent for Supakwik specialising in installation, maintenance and repair of all Supakwik above/below sink boiler and chiller units. Supakwik’s Full Electronic and advanced Microchip Control technology together with other unique design features, will ensure that your Supakwik product will deliver boiling water reliably and efficiently under a much wider range of operating conditions than will most others.Read MoreCall Now


Water Jetter

The Water Jetter clears pipes very effectively. It scrubs the inside of your pipes only using water, clearing tree roots so well that you can no longer see them with a drain camera. It also cleans the walls of the pipe washing away old waste, debris, fats, oils and anything that has built up on the interior of the pipework. This machine is perfect for commercial grease trap waste drains whereas the Electric Eel cannot.Read MoreCall Now