The D.W. GROUT Story

D.W Grout was established in 1982 by Darryl Grout, a long standing member of the Master Plumbers Association, providing a professional service across Brisbane.

​Including Darryl, we have over eight experienced tradesmen and two administration staff. We are continuing to expand the business but always taking care not to compromise our personalised service.

As well as our large domestic client base, we service medium and larger sized businesses, property management companies, hotels, motels and restaurants throughout Brisbane.

Client Testimonials

Our most innovative approach to keeping customers is our belief that, No job is too small whoever the customer is. We treat our domestic clients with the same respect and service philosophy as we do our large corporate and industrial clients. We listen to our customers and we learn what they need, we build solutions to meet those needs.

To D W Grout Plumbing

Many thanks for your efficient and courteous plumbing maintenance work carried out in my home recently. You are without doubt, a first class team and highly commendable. Best wishes for your continued success.

Mr Litchfield
Brisbane Northside

Hi Darryl,

I am just wanting to make a special mention of how appreciative I/we are for the extraordinary efforts yesterday, by your plumber in fixing our hot water service.

As you know, yesterday was a horrific weather event and yet despite the shocking weather and storms, deluge of rain and being completely and utterly soaked to the bone, he stuck to his job outside of our house in the pouring rain of fixing the hot water system. I had fully expected him to pass and return once the weather had improved but no, he stuck to it and finally managed to replace the parts and get us hot water! So we are all very very appreciative, but I just could not allow this great effort to go without bringing it to your attention.

We have known this particular plumber of yours for many years as you know, and so that may have made an impact on his dedication to dealing with this for us, but he is also very accommodating at all times and so I think it was likely a combination of personal and professional attributes in the end.

But certainly it is something I really appreciated, and something that I think you should be aware of, if you are not already.

You have always had a great team of guys working with you, and it is great to see from a customers point of view.

So thanks and well done for you and your team.


Barry and Family

Barry & Family
Hamilton, Brisbane

To D W Grout Plumbing

Thanks so much Guys! Invoice received and paid. Can I just thank you for your fantastic service and wonderful plumber. He was so helpful and did a really fantastic job without fuss and without making me feel stupid! We shall certainly use you in the future and have already recommended your company to all of our friends.

Thanks again.




Wooloowin, Brisbane

Dear Darryl

Just a note to say thanks for the excellence of your service, and the true professionalism showed by you and your team on Good Friday in doing major water supply repairs at the major building that we look after and manage in the city.

The background to this job, a major risk from degraded pipes in a small and confined basement space which also happened to house the main electrical supply switchboard and the gas installation, all in a building which trades 24 hours per day, created pressures for the highest levels of pre planning, trade competence, and teamwork.

Your pre planning was well tested when the Council gate valve failed to close fully, making it necessary to do a “wet” job. Your wet vacuum and submersible pump covered that risk. I also noted the accuracy of your off site fabrication of complex shapes which fitted perfectly.

It was a pleasure to observe the quality of team work and trade skills possessed by yourself and your two plumbers that were working with you, and your leadership.

We have been loyal customers of yours and this excellent performance has cemented that loyalty.

Please feel free to use this letter in any way you choose.

Once again many thanks, and,

Kind regards,

Facilities Manager

Property Management Company


Facilities Manager – Properpty Management Company

Dear Mr Grout

At about 3.40pm on Friday I rang your office about an awning on a building that we manage and look after in Fortitude Valley which had been damaged by a truck and was lying in pieces on the road, obstructing traffic. Your office immediately grasped the urgency of the matter and one of your trucks and two plumbers turned up soon afterwards. Together they unbolted the wrecked awning and cleared the road before the rush hour commenced.

I would like to express my sincere thanks for their prompt, cheerful and professional response, they are a credit to your company.

Yours sincerely

Managing Director

Property Management Company


Managing Director – Property Management Company

Dear Darryl,

Once a year, we evaluate the worth to our organisation of the contractors we use.

It is a pleasure to pass on to you some of the factors we have identified which mean your position as our preferred plumbing contractor Brisbane wide is confirmed.
These include:

  • The best office support of any trade contractor we use (or for that matter have used in the past). Shari is an exceptionally warm, friendly and efficient office manager.

  • Your billing and paperwork are exceptionally good, in terms of presentation, detail supplied, accuracy and timeliness.

  • Your willingness to quote fixed prices, even for jobs where pricing is difficult, and your willingness to pass on savings when they are achieved.

  • Your excellent trade work and our visual inspection for neatness and attention to detail.

  • Your operation of a clean work site with rubbish removed from site.

  • Your excellent diagnostic skills which on many occasions have saved both time and money.

  • Your operation of a genuine 24 hour a day 7 days a week operation which we have had occasion to use on several occasions.

  • Your ability and willingness to put a lot of time into planning complex operations, of which there have been several, and all of which went off without a hitch.

  • Your willingness to have us contact your individual trade staff for explanations and progress reports and their friendly co-operation and

  • Lastly and most importantly, your staff’s ability to work sensitively around tenants and to secure their patience and co-operation during times which can be very disruptive to their business.

We want to say our sincere thanks and that such is the quality of the relationship, we regard your organisation as our friends and partners.

Yours sincerely

Facilities Manager
Property Management Company

Facilities Manager – Property Management Company

Hi Darryl

I just have to say we LOVE you guys, your plumber was just here for the maintenance jobs that we had logged, he just left saying he was on his way home and then all our toilets in the hotel backed up so we just rang him to ask him to come back and he came back immediately!!! What a gem you have there……..but all your team are awesome and are always a joy to work with!!!

Many many thanks



To D W Grout Plumbing

Darryl Grout and his team has provided a plumbing and drainage maintenance service to my company for over 20 years. Darryl and his team provide an excellent prompt service as well as good advice on preventative maintenance. This is extremely important as our facilities operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The supply of a well maintained water service is critical to the ongoing operation of our buildings and business.

Manager Brisbane Company

Property and Asset Management

Manager Brisbane Company – Property & Asset Management